Rigid Pvc Conduit Pipes

Electrical pipes and wiring are protected by tubing or other types of an enclosure called electrical conduit. PVC pipes for electric wiring is preferred for this purpose, as these pipes and fittings are manufactured from a specifically formulated material. Our PVC conduit pipes are superior in quality and accurate in their sizes.

Technical Specifications of Rigid PVC Conduit Pipes

Nominal Size Outer Diameter (MM) Inner Diameter (MM)
Light Medium Heavy

NOTE : All dimensions are in millimeters

ASTM SCH 40 and SCH 80

1/2″ to 6″

Casing Pipes for Borewell

115 mm to 250 mm

Rigid uPVC Pipes for Agriculture and Domestic Purpose

40 mm to 355 mm

Rigid uPVC Pipes for Plumbing

20 mm to 50 mm

Rigid PVC Conduit Pipes for Electrical Purpose

16 mm to 40 mm